About Us

Welcome to Carrillson Publications

We are a small family business created to enable the publication of the book “Outwell in a Nutshell”. The name is derived from members of our family and is also the name of our family home which is located in the Norfolk Fenland village of Outwell.

Outwell village is steeped in history and can be accurately dated from at least the time of William the Conqueror but of course the area has existed beyond the Neolithic period.

We have produced a variety of publications full of accurate historical information for the local area and offer a range of others services for the local community.

We have released a new publication entitled “A Pictorial Journey down the Wisbech Canal” displaying over 200 historical pictures and stories detailing the history of the Wisbech Canal, now available in our online shop along with some of our other local historical products.

William Smith – Proprietor
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