Strange But True

A historical snippet you might like to ponder.

King Canute (Canut) sailed up the river that passes through Upwell and Outwell in the 11th century.  The River, at that time was called the Well Stream.

The Well Stream was the principal river of Wisbech in Medieval times.  King John slept in Wisbech castle while his men were trying to cross the Well Stream estuary on their way to Boston from Kings Lynn.  They are supposed to have lost the Crown Jewels in the Well Stream circa 1215.  King John died in 1216.

Buffalo Bill (William Fredrick Cody) toured Britain and Europe with his Wild West show in the late 19th century.  He entertained Queen Victoria in London during her Golden Jubilee in 1887.  The circus came to Wisbech and pitched up on a field at Queens Road.  During his time in Wisbech he rode to Outwell to visit an aunt.